AFS Studios



         Certificate of Professional Effects Makeup Artistry from Dick Smith’s Makeup Course, 1988


         Consultant and designer of special makeups, makeup effects, fantasy and sci-fi creatures, fantasy

         costumes for stage, video, film, print, music videos, corporate industrial films and videos, TV commercials.


         Working knowledge of all phases of makeup effects processes:  life-casting, sculpting, molding, casting.


         Versatile in all types of makeup applications: straight, old age, prosthetics for theatre, print, television and film.


         Theatrical Films:

           Creep Tales  - 20 horror and fantasy creature costumes and makeup

       “   Murker’s Promise - 30 men’s and women’s Victorian & Edwardian costumes, old age prosthetics 

                   and horror makeup effects

           Final Exit  - Fantasy costumes, creature costumes and makeup


          Other Productions

             Electronic Data Systems (EDS) - makeup effects and design for in-house instructional film

             Volkswagen - special effects makeup prosthetics and costume design for industrial film

                    “The Crash Dummy”

             Other Clients have included makeup, makeup effects and creature costumes for Texas Instruments,

                    Spectradyne Cable, Total Color Photo, Nutri-Pet, KZEW


            Is it makeup, costume or both? Yes! In many instances the work you see is a combination of the two.

          Masks are often are of several types:  simple one piece pullover, slip-latex "Halloween" full heads (or hands,

          feet and so on) OR are more complicated combinations of mask with articulated plastic underskulls

          and working jaw mechanisms. And then sometimes there are overlapping appliances that will encase the

          the whole head or body as a shell. The more fully realized creature makeups and full body costumes

          require a life cast of the actor's face or head, sometimes the hands and feet or even the body as well

          for a 100% fit, the final features being made in foam latex rubber. Creature body costumes are usually

          comprised of a fake musculature/anatomy under the outer shell of fur, foam or rubber.